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About Us

Do you know what the word Renevatio means? The meaning of the word is rebirth.
We, the owners of have a lot of experience in retail. For many years we worked in
stores and managed them. We made  a lot of money, but always for someone else. We've always
played by someone else's rules. We always had a boss upstairs who dictated to us what to do,
how and when. Over the years, the dream has solidified.
Until one day it all materialized. We opened our own store, took everything we learned all these
years working when we worked for others and built our own plot of paradise. This is where we were
reborn. No one's going to tell us what to do here, here we will make sure that every customer is
most satisfied, and will receive the best goods and heartfelt service.
What makes us happy is the combination of fashion and the smile of a client. When you combine
the two things together and know  that we did all that, it is worth everything.

We have extensive experience in global shipping, in sales of clothing, home accessories, and much more.
Knowing the needs of our customers and how to meet them successfully is the most important part of our activity. We do our work with love and passion for the profession.

We use our experience in international trade to search for and collect the coolest products that best fit our customers.